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Feather Mite Powder

Nettex Feather Mite Powder is a completely natural hygiene powder that is easily applied and highly effective.

Avaliable in:

  • 200g — Code FG07224

Nettex Feather Mite Powder is a natural powder that breaks down the waxy coat of mites causing them to dehydrate. It is easily applied directly to the feathers and used regularly is a highly effective way to eliminate mites from the area.

  • Can be applied directly to feathers of horses and ponies.
  • Apply as often as necessary
  • Completely natural product.

Made in the UK.

For use on horses and ponies.

  1. Stroke feathers upwards and puff powder into them.
  2. Work powder in gently using a soft brush to base of feathers.
  3. For horses with heavy feathering, feathers may need to be clipped or trimmed.
  4. Repeat as necessary.

Diatomaceous earth.

Hello, I own a 15.1hh Traditional Coloured Cob gelding with very feathered legs, he was always stamping, itching and banging his legs on the ground and generally distressed. We have tried various products from different shops and suppliers some very cheap and some very expensive and nothing really helped him. Last spring 2011 we had him injected with the cattle wormer from the vets which I admit did help him, but he had to have it done 3 times during the spring, summer and autumn. This spring I bought him some of the Nettex Equine Feather Mite Powder, thinking another new product to try but – wow what a difference, he has had no itchy legs or stamping at all this year, and no injections from the vets. Me and Robby are so happy with the results, I put it on his legs about every 3-4 weeks. Never stop selling this product it really works for Robby. Many thanks,



THANK YOU for sending me 200g of Feather Mite Powder as a result of my being a winner in the recent magazine competition. My Fell Pony is very grateful & I hope he now stops stamping his front feet! Regards,


Feather mite

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