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Septi-Clense Wound Gel 250ml

Nettex Septi-Clense Wound Gel is an advanced sanitising barrier wound gel that helps soothe and cleanse contaminated cuts and scratches.

Avaliable in:

  • 250ml — Code FG02637

Nettex Septi-Clense Wound Gel is an advanced antibacterial barrier wound gel to promote the rapid healing of minor wounds & hair regrowth.

  • Keeps the wound moist allowing the affected area to heal naturally.
  • Gentle on healthy tissue.
  • Perfect for use on flexible areas that are hard to heal such as fetlocks, knees and hocks.
  • Encourages rapid skin and hair regrowth.

Made in the UK.


  1. Gently wash area first.
  2. Rub gel into the affected areas using fingers or apply with damp cotton wool pad.

Apply up to three times a day or as necessary until the area has healed.

Chlorhexidine and Chlorophen.

SEPTI CLEANSE WOUND GEL helps minor cuts and wounds heal naturally from the inside out and keeps the wound moist to prevent it cracking and reopening. What a lovely easy product to use, the gel squeezes out easily, and is not messy to use. I had a small wound on one of my horses which seemed not to want to heal, but once I started using this gel it started healing really well and stopped opening up, I am pleased to say within a few weeks of using the gel the wound was fully healed.


Septi Clense wound gel

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