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Seven Day Mud Away

Nettex Seven Day Mud Away is an unique and innovative formulation that creates a barrier on the coat preventing mud, dirt and grime sticking for up to seven days.

Avaliable in:

  • 500ml — Code FG08274

Nettex Seven Day Mud Away is a unique product that helps to prevent the build-up of mud on all areas of the horse resulting in easier winter grooming. It can be used all year round to aid quicker grooming as mud, muck and dirt simply brush away easily leaving a smooth coat. It is ideal to use in the winter during adverse weather conditions to help keep mud at bay. It can be used on the body, legs, mane and tail and is suitable for all horses and ponies.

  • One application lasts seven days.
  • Prevents mud sticking to the coat allowing quick removal of soil by simple brushing.
  • Creates a waterproof barrier to the skin.
  • Provides a barrier against mud related conditions – less washing legs in the winter.
  • Can be used all year round.

Made in the UK.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Always patch test an area first and wait 48 hours.
  3. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately.
  4. Spray evenly over the required areas taking care not to saturate as this may cause irritation, a little goes a long way.
  5. Brush through manes and tails after application to ensure hair is covered. Allow to dry before turning horse or pony out.
  6. Reapply every seven days or as necessary depending on mud conditions. Do not use under boots or rugs.
  7. Do not use on broken, sore or bare skin.
  8. Always patch test an area first and wait 48 hours. If a reaction occurs stop use immediately.

A Pharmaceutical grade oil and light fragrance.

Well, what can I say about this?!! It is simply amazing! I used this on Rocky, as he was out (Maisie on box rest!), Rocky being the hairy welsh who likes to imitate a mud wallowing pig! I sprayed his head and extremities with this spray once, and to be honest, was a little sceptical, given all the rain and the amount of mud, I thought it would maybe last a few hours. How wrong was I! I brought Rocky in that night and quite simply couldn’t believe my eyes, not a scrap of mud on his head, legs or belly! (Other parts covered by rugs). The only mud was on his feathers where I had not sprayed. Having used other sprays, i.e. coat sprays made from silicone (mane and tail detangler types), and not had any success, I can honestly say, Seven Day Mud Away WORKS! Rocky has only needed 2 applications of the spray, unlike other products, so this is not only a brilliant product, it is economical too! When the spray is coming to its renewal, the mud begins to stick a little, but literally falls off with the lightest brushing.


Seven day mud away cuts down my time spent grooming, the mud falls off easily when dry, it also stops the mud and wet getting down to the skin which is great as Freda is pink skinned which can become sensitive to wet weather in the winter.

Danelle Reynolds and Freda

I have been using the seven day mud away spray on my ponies legs for the last couple of weeks. It is amazing. The mud doesn’t really stick but if it does it brushes off in no time. I also love the mane and tail detangler and the no rinse shampoos.

Victoria wainwright

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